Companion Planting In The Garden

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Do you have problems with a lot of insects in your garden and do not want to use a chemical treatment? There is a really effective method that organic gardeners can use for simple insect control. This method is known as companion planting and is really easy to do with a little research.

The key to companion gardening is knowing the best plants to pair together. Some plants will be better than others for this purpose. You need to know the best plants for your area and if you want vegetables, a selection of fruit, or a mix of both as a source of food.

Many plants can be used when you want to start companion gardening at home. The best thing is you can grow plants you might never have thought of pairing in your garden. If you select the right plants for your garden, then you just might be surprised at the result you are able to achieve.

A list of plants to use when companion planting is on here…

Companion Planting In The Garden

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