Coconut Coffee Creamer Recipe

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A flavored drink like coffee continues to be a popular trend. There are many ways to enhance the flavor of coffee that include more than simply adding sugar to lessen the bitter taste. Milk, cream, homemade half and half, and bullet proof coffee, are other ways to modify the flavor of coffee. If you enjoy creamer in your coffee, then a healthier option is available. One solution is to make your own coconut coffee creamer.

The best thing about making a coconut coffee creamer is the is the process is really simple. You will need the proper ingredients to make a batch of creamer. Some people who like to add half and half to a cup of coffee may really enjoy a homemade alternative. A coconut coffee creamer will be a great option to get an enhanced flavor for a cup of regular black coffee.

You can easily prepare a batch of coconut coffee creamer right in your own kitchen. All you require is the use of a simple blender to get the proper result. A hand held mixer also can be used if you have a large bowl available. The ingredients needed to make a coconut coffee creamer can be found at any grocery store or supermarket. However, you should try to find ingredients that are all-natural or even organic. Try to avoid items that have artificial flavors.

The completed coconut coffee creamer will need to be kept in a sealed container. You have the option of a glass container or a plastic container. The type to use depends on what you have available. This is a great product to have that is healthier than artificial store bought coffee flavorings.

Instructions to make your own coconut coffee creamer is found on here…

Coconut Coffee Creamer Recipe

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