Cleaning Tips: 32 Things You Should Be Cleaning But Aren’t

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When we watched a show on our local news station a few years ago we found out how dirty our cell phones were – most cell phones carry more germs than a toilet. Ugh! – we started cleaning them more regularly. We already clean most of the other surfaces mentioned in this cleaning tips article, but not necessarily with the thought of killing germs – more with the intent to just get fingerprints off.

There’s no reason yet to become quite as clean as a germaphobe, but with all the antibiotic resistant diseases being passed around today, it just makes sense to avoid too much contact with surfaces that harbor germs like crazy. With germs like H30-Rx hanging around now, it just might save you or your family from a trip to the doctor to keep things a little cleaner than we used to. Wiping these surfaces once a week should be sufficient in most cases.

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