Cinnabacon Piglets Recipe

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Have you ever made pigs in a blanket using ham, sour cream, and pickles? This is a really tasty snack for any occasion, but you may be interested in making cinnabacon piglets. Piglets are a really awesome snack, which is a combination of the dough for cinnamon rolls and bacon.

The recipe to make cinnabacon piglets is not really difficult. You will be making a dough that is similar to dough to make regular cinnamon rolls. The main thing to know about preparing the dough is waiting for it to rise as it contains yeast. You will also need to prepare the cinnamon sugar filling.

There are many ways to modify the look of your cinnabacon piglets. There is not need to follow all the steps if you are not concerned about the look of the final product. You may be just fine with making an assortment of great tasting items that are bite sized.

You can find the instructions to make your own cinnabacon piglets on here…

Cinnabacon Piglets Recipe

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