Chevron Trellis DIY

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Various design elements and accessories can be found in many types of gardens. A trellis is one item to use with certain types of plants. This is also a decorative element that can be used anywhere around a home or other building. You can find this item at any home improvement store, but the look may not be in keeping with your taste – or your pocket book. If you like to do DIY projects, then an ideal solution is to build your own chevron trellis.

A chevron trellis is simply a design style for this type of item. All you need to do is make sure to obtain all the materials and tools to build the trellis. All the materials necessary to complete this project will also be found at a local home improvement store. You may already have some of the things that will be needed to build a simple chevron trellis.

The assembly for your trellis will depend on the result you want to achieve. Nails will be needed to assemble the pieces. However, you may find that other methods might work better. A staple gun and wood glue may be a better option depending on the tools you have available.

You have many options to consider for the placement of your chevron trellis. This will depend on need and any specific preferences. The main thing to realize is the look of the item. Adding paint or a stain is necessary to help keep it protected when outside in the elements.

Your chevron trellis can easily be placed in the ground as it will have stakes. This means you may want to have it free standing or have it resting against a wall or fence. However, you need to determine if the item will be used as a decorative piece or used to support plants.

Instructions to make your own chevron trellis are found on here…

Chevron Trellis DIY

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