Cheap & Easy DIY Windshield Wiper Fluid

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Many types of products that are purchased for use at home or in your car can often be substituted using a more environmentally friendlier and less expensive homemade product. One example is the windshield wiper fluid used in most vehicles. You will find a container of this fluid can be needlessly expensive when purchased at any automotive supply store. A homemade fluid is an ideal way to save money if you are constantly running out of fluid in your vehicle.

The reservoir for windshield wiper fluid is typically topped off when getting an oil change at your dealer or quick oil change facility, However, you may need to refill the reservoir before your next oil change. This means you will need to buy a container of windshield wiper fluid to fill up the reservoir in your vehicle.

One thing you might not know about windshield wiper fluid is you can also use this blue colored liquid as a replacement for store bought glass cleaner. This means you can use a homemade product if you want to save money on the cost of individual containers of a glass or window cleaner. You can mix up a batch of this product by using a few simple ingredients.

All the ingredients that are necessary to make a homemade windshield wiper fluid can be found in your kitchen. If you are missing one or more ingredients, then you can easily find what you need by looking in your local grocery store or supermarket. Unlike store-bought windshield washer fluid, the best thing about this homemade product is it will have ingredients that are not hazardous to children or pets.

A bucket or similar container can be used to make windshield wiper fluid at home. The size you need will depend on the amount of the product you want to make. However, a milk jug or any type of gallon jug is usually perfect for this project.

Instructions to make your own windshield wiper fluid are found on here…

Cheap & Easy DIY Windshield Wiper Fluid

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