12 Perennials To Plant For Free Chicken Food

Do you want a way to provide food to your chickens without having to pay too much money? If this is something you really want to do, then there are a variety of options available. One idea that you can easily do on the cheap is to look at perennials to plant for free chicken food. There are … [Read more...]

Make A DIY Chicken Water Heater In 4 Minutes And For $4

Do you live in an area where the temperatures may dip below freezing during the winter? One thing you may need to do when this occurs is to thaw the water that is for your chickens. Thawing water can take a lot of time unless you have a DIY chicken water heater available. The key to making a … [Read more...]

DIY Febreze Spray

The use of non-toxic alternatives is a better solution than a variety of products that contain a lot of harmful chemicals. One product on the market that is touted as a great way to freshen the air, but contains many additives and chemicals is Febreze. A healthier option is a homemade Febreze … [Read more...]

Tropical Pallet Living Wall

Displaying potted plants can be done in many ways based on the size of the container. If you buy small containers from a local nursery or store with a floral department, then putting them on a table or a shelf is common. However, a brilliant idea is to build a wall using old pallets. A simple pallet … [Read more...]

14 Steps To An Urban Homestead

People who live in an urban or suburban area might not have a lot of property available compared to those who live in the country. This means the options that are available for a homestead are limited. However, a variety of options are available to establish an urban homestead. All you need to do is … [Read more...]

16 Tips For Using Emergency Generators

Many areas of the country that have severe weather are familiar with power outages. If the power is out in areas that are experiencing frigid cold, then a furnace will not be able to run and provide heat. This is something to consider if you own a home. The best way to ensure electricity is … [Read more...]

Bread Machines Can Cook Just About Anything

There are a whole lot of people with bread machines tucked away in a dark closet or taking up valuable counter space. Just a few times a year the device is hauled out to make some tasty new bread recipe and then hidden away again. But, when you stop to think about it, a bread machine is a small, … [Read more...]