DIY Basement Indoor Playground With Monkey Bars

Building a playground set is a great idea for people who have a big enough backyard. However, people who live in an area with limited outdoor space may not have this option. If a basement is available in the home, then an indoor playground is a great option. This is a DIY project that you may do to … [Read more...]

40 Fun & Creative Easter Crafts For Kids And Toddlers

Many items found around the home can be used to make craft projects with children. One activity for a group of kids and any toddlers around this time of year is making Easter crafts. Easter is a great time to welcome spring and to have time to spend with friends and family members. If you are … [Read more...]

DIY Twin-Over-Twin Flat Panel Bunk Bed (Can Be Separated Into Individual Beds!)

Parents who have a growing family may need to have multiple children in one room. This is often done by having various options like bunk beds. A bunk bed is a type of bed that is stacked with one on the bottom and one on the top. These can be found at most well-stocked furniture stores. However, you … [Read more...]

DIY Backyard Ice Rink

There are many fun activities to due during the winter when the temperatures drop and snow covers the ground. Sledding (on a duct take sled!) is one option, but you may not have hills in your area. This means another option will be needed. Ice skating or a game of hockey can be played on a frozen … [Read more...]

DIY Pirate Hideout Treehouse

Young kids often like to play outside an imagine themselves in a different place. If you have a tree which is big enough, then building a tree house may be an ideal solution. There are many themes to use to build a simple or fully customized treehouse. One idea is a pirate hideout treehouse that can … [Read more...]

DIY PVC Pipe Marshmallow Gun

Compressed air is the most common way to shoot t-shirts and other objects from a cannon. If you want to fire marshmallows, then a low-tech solution is the best option. Air from your lungs can easily push a small marshmallow out of a homemade gun. The most important aspect is the design of the gun. … [Read more...]

Kid’s Crafts | Rainbow Jar Science Experiment

Learning activities are always fun to do with young kids. This includes experiments that include simple science. Young kids will be fascinated by discovering how to make something that looks amazing, and creating a rainbow jar can later be displayed as a piece of art. A simple rainbow jar can … [Read more...]

How To Make Soap Clouds With Kids

Experimenting with soap is not something many people think about often. However, many things made from soap can be a lot of fun. If you want something fun for kids at bath time, then making soap clouds will be a fun, kid-friendly activity. The most important aspect of soap clouds is making sure … [Read more...]

How To Make Squirty Snow Paint

All of that sparkling clean new-fallen snow outside on that gorgeous December day and all our kids could see was a huge canvas and think “Let’s paint it!” Truthfully, that seemed like a fun idea, but where would we get snow paint? We’d never even heard of it, so it seemed that maybe their exciting … [Read more...]

How To Make Snow Jewels

When our kids were little, they waited all year long for that first winter snow. When we looked out the window at all of that soft shimmering untouched snow, it truly was a winter wonderland. The way the tree branches were laden with pure whiteness always enchanted our kids. They couldn’t wait to … [Read more...]