25 Exciting Crafts For Bored Kids

Keeping kids from being bored is not a difficult thin to do. There are many exciting crafts for bored kids that will be easy to do to have fun both inside and outside the home. 1. Make a batch of homemade silly putty. 2. Create some slime that includes polka dots. 3. Make a DIY soap … [Read more...]

18 Brilliant Ways To Turn Old Furniture Into Toys

A lot of people will get rid of old furniture when it is no longer needed or may be broken in some way. Old furniture is often made of wood and means it can be a source of materials for some DIY projects. There are many brilliant ways to turn old furniture into toys to use around the home. 1. … [Read more...]

21 Science Experiments To Entertain Your Kids This Winter

The winter season can be a really cold time of year and is perfect to do fun things indoors. There are lots of things to do to keep kids entertained when going outside is not an option. You might want to research science experiments to entertain your kids this winter. A lot of experiments are really … [Read more...]

8 Ways To Get Kids Clothing For Free Or Really Cheap

The start of the new school year is upon us and that means new school clothes will be needed. You can buy almost anything depending on the cost, but a lot of items can be found for free or for little to no cost. All you need to do is research ways to get kids clothing for free. One of the best … [Read more...]

31 Fun And Easy Halloween Crafts For Kids

The end of the summer season means fall in near and that means Halloween is getting ever so close. This is the time when people can decorate their home and themselves for a few days of fun. If you will be decorating your home, then easy Halloween crafts for kids may be perfect. The best thing … [Read more...]

53 Fun Family Summer Activities Checklist

Spending time outdoors is something that most kids should be doing instead of staying inside. You can do a lot of things based on what is in your area and in your backyard. Most people with young kids are likely to only go to a local park, but you can also make a family summer activities … [Read more...]

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Have you ever crushed limestone on a paved driveway and noticed a white color? The dust that is made when crushing limestone is a form of calcium carbonate you can purchase in bulk. This product can be used for many DIY projects like making your own sidewalk chalk paint. The sidewalk chalk paint … [Read more...]

How To Sink A Trampoline In The Ground

There are many ways for kids and adults to have fun in a backyard. This includes using equipment like a trampoline as an option to enjoy a fun activity. The only downside is a trampoline can be set high off the ground. A good alternative is to place your trampoline in the ground. You will need to … [Read more...]

DIY Custom Length Baby Gate

There are many options available to keep toddlers confined to a specific area of a house. You can easily add a temporary wall or set up a baby gate. One problem with most store bought baby gates is they are really only good for standard doorways and will not be big enough for a lot of other areas … [Read more...]

DIY Little Grass House {Kid’s Project}

Grass is a fun material that can be used in many ways. If you are familiar with a Chia Pet, then you can use a few household materials to make something similar. You can easily get grass seed to grow on any suitable material with a little effort. This includes common kitchen sponges to create a … [Read more...]