How To Get Rid Of Static Cling Naturally

One of the worst things that occurs when washing and drying clothes is static cling. You need to take a few minutes to separate all the pieces of clothing before they can be folded. The reason clinging occurs is often caused by the friction that is generated due to the hot air created by the … [Read more...]

Homegrown Antibacterial Bandages Are Better Than The Store Bought Kind

The convenience of store-bought antiseptics and bandages is one reason they are the most popular method cover and heal a cut or scratch. Yet, an alternative - and even better way - is to make your own homegrown antibacterial bandages. Bandages with antibacterial properties can be made easily at home … [Read more...]

DIY Balance Board Tutorial

There are many ways for people to exercise and get fit at home. You do not need to spend good money on exercise equipment that is often overpriced or is the latest fad. Many types of exercises can be done in the home by making your own DIY equipment. One option is to make a DIY balance board. A … [Read more...]

How To Make An Onion Poultice

Treating any ailment or illness typically is done by taking common over-the-counter medications. An alternative solution is to use traditional home remedies. One option to help treat flu like symptoms is to apply an onion poultice. Common symptoms of the flu include sinus pressure, coughing, a … [Read more...]

How To Make DIY Leather Bicycle Grips

The best way to make something look unique is to perform some basic customization. Many things can be customized based on the result that is desired. One idea is to replace the foam grips on a bike with a set of leather grips. This is something that can easily be done in a few hours. All you need to … [Read more...]

DIY SAD Light Therapy Box

People who seem depressed during the winter months may be suffering from a condition that is known as seasonal affective disorder. This is something that often occurs every year and is one reason seasons do not agree with some people. One reason for this is the overcast that is typical on most days … [Read more...]

DIY Herbal Hand Soap

Eliminating the use of products that contain various chemicals can be difficult when a replacement will be needed. One example of this is soap that is used to for washing hands and bathing. You can make a variety of soap that is formed into bars, but a hand soap also is an option. If you want to … [Read more...]

22 Epsom Salt Uses And Why It Should Be In Every Home And Garden

There are many benefits of Epsom salts that many people may not know. This is a substance that is used for household cleaning, gardening, and even detoxifying the body. You easily can find these salts online or in the health section of many retail stores. The types of Epsom salt uses that are … [Read more...]

5 Bizarre And Unlikely Home Remedies That Are Actually Very Effective

More and more these days, we’ve been trying to research and try more home remedies. We had become so used to just running to the store and buying the latest advertised medication for every ailment that we just ended up throwing good money after bad. When one expensive package of medication didn’t … [Read more...]

How To: Using Combat Breathing

So you're in a dangerous situation and the clock is ticking down. You're panicking, you know it's happening but there's nothing you can do about it. Maybe you're injured and your body is going into shock, or maybe you're just in a panic. This is a critical time to be able to control your breathing … [Read more...]