Can Soap Expire?

Can soap expire, causing discomfort? Four out of five households are unaware that soap can expire. How does this affect you and your family? One out of three healthy individuals carry a skin bacteria know as Staphylococcus Aureus. This bacteria gets passed from the person's skin onto the soap, … [Read more...]

How To Make A Charcoal Slurry Absorptive Antidote For Emergencies

Are you familiar with the types of water filters that connect to a standard faucet? These are a great way to remove bacteria and other harmful elements from tap water. The reason is due to the use of activated charcoal. An activated charcoal slurry absorptive antidote is also really useful in an … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Dish Soap

The convenience of buying store bought products is often a trade off to long-term health issues that could potentially occur. One example is common dish soap. No one can argue with the results that a dish soap can produce. However, a homemade product will not have harmful additives. You will need … [Read more...]

40 Clever Ways To Reuse Plastic Lids

Many food products that you may bring home from the store are packaged either in plastic containers or containers with plastic lids meant to reseal the product once it has been opened. This means you may have a collection that can be used for storing food and other purposes. One item that you will … [Read more...]

Animal Lovers Fly Spray

It's true. Flies seem to appear in places where they are unexpected. If you want a great way to prevent flies from becoming a nuisance, then a homemade fly spray is a great option. The best thing about a homemade fly spray is no harmful chemicals are used. This means you will not have any problems … [Read more...]

The Definitive Guide To Essential Oils

Products that are all-natural are not necessarily the same due to a variety of factors that include the quality and price. You will have a large choice of options based on the items you need to purchase. One example is the essential oils used as an ingredient in many homemade products. A simple … [Read more...]

How To Shorten Jeans But Keep Their Store-Bought Look

The main reason many people do not like buying clothes is because the fit is not correct. Jeans are the most common type of clothing that do not fit properly for one reason or another. One issue can be that the jeans fit perfectly, but they are just too long. However, a simple process can be used to … [Read more...]

Learn Suturing Techniques For Emergencies

Activities that are done far from any civilization often mean various survival skills are needed when an emergency occurs. This includes knowing how to treat wounds that result from accidents. If a wound requires stitches, then knowing some basic suturing techniques will be crucial. The most … [Read more...]

200 Amazing Uses For Coconut Oil That Will Change Your Life Forever

There are many types of oils that can be produced from various organic elements. Coconut oil is one of these oils that is used to make various kinds of homemade beauty products. One interesting thing about this oil is the healing properties it contains. This is one of the reasons it is used as an … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Medicines And Save Big

A trip to the doctor when you are sick may often result in payments that are not expected. You may pay for an office visit in addition to the cost of a prescription or over-the-counter medication. If you need to take an over-the-counter medication, then the cost is often pricey. One option is to … [Read more...]