Canning Peas Using The Cold Pack Method

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Many types of vegetables can be canned as a way to keep them preserved for use in the future. Peas are a great item to can as fresh peas are limited to the length of the growing season. If freezing your peas is not preferred, then canning peas is another option to consider.

The process of canning peas at home will be the same as other types of fruits and vegetables. You need to ensure that the proper preparation is taken before starting the canning process. This includes washing the peas, cans, and other utensils that are being used.

Canning peas can be done in a few different ways. The easiest is using the cold pack method as there is no need to cook the peas. One thing you may want to do when making a batch of canned peas is to add a date to each can. This likely will depend on how often you eat peas.

Instructions for canning peas at home are on here…

Canning Peas Using The Cold Pack Method

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