Canning Meat Tutorial

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People who are familiar with SPAM know about meat in a can. However, you may be surprised to know that canning meat at home is very different. You might want to do this if you have a homestead and are raising cows and chickens as a source of meat for meals. The canning process for meats is similar to the way many people go about canning vegetables.

There are many benefits to canning meat you might want to consider. You will not need to keep the meats you put into cans in your freezer. This means you can save space for storing other types of foods to use for making meals.

You will need to use the proper equipment for canning meat at home. The basic method you may typically use for canning vegetables is not sufficient for meats. You need to use special equipment that can produce the best results. The most important piece of equipment to have for this task is a pressure canner.

Proper preparation is necessary when you are canning meat. This includes trimming your meats to get rid of excess fat and grizzle. You should also cut your meats into small chunks or cubes. Browning the meat is also necessary and can be done using a basic stock pot. Make sure to add any seasoning to the meat if you will want a tasty flavor.

The process of canning meat cannot be completed without the proper containers. You should be using the same mason jars that are used for canning vegetables. These can easily be found at many stores that sell canning supplies or kitchen supplies. The size of mason jars to use for this project may vary based on the specific quantity you may want to use for a specific meal.

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Canning Meat Tutorial

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