Canning Homemade Chicken Stock

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The leftover liquid in a stock pot after cooking chicken is known as stock. You might also have broth to use for meals in the future. The stock you have can be saved to use when you are making other meals. Stock is something you can easily keep stored for future use. Homemade chicken stock is full of flavor and will have a lot of nutrition.

Canning a homemade chicken stock is similar to canning vegetables. However, you will need to have a pressure canning device for this project as you will not use regular canning methods. These devices are found at most stores that sell kitchen supplies. You can also look at a new or used pressure canning unit online that can be used for canning homemade chicken stock.

One important detail about this project is straining the liquid. This is necessary to remove any small pieces and bits that remain in your homemade chicken stock. The jars you will use also need to be ready. You will need to first wash them all and then place them in boiling water to properly sanitize them. The best containers to use for homemade chicken stock are mason jars. The number of jars you need will depend on the quantity of stock you need to can.

Canning homemade chicken stock is a project you can easily do on a slow weekend. The chicken stock that you make does not need to be placed in your refrigerator. However, you might find some jars may have a loose lid. These should be used within a week or so. You can also transfer the stock into any container that is freezer safe.

Instructions for canning homemade chicken stock are found on here…

Canning Homemade Chicken Stock

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