Buttery Dinner Rolls Recipe

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Bread is often an option that is included with many meals. If you are planning on making meals for the holidays or for a family event, then buttery dinner rolls are a great choice. Anyone who likes to bake may discover preparing dinner rolls to be an easy task. One thing to keep in mind is that rolls will need time to properly bake. This means you might want to prepare your rolls ahead of time.

A standard recipe for dinner rolls will require a few specific ingredients. However, you may have the ingredients in your kitchen. If a few are missing, then a trip to the grocery store will be necessary. That said, it is refreshing to find a recipe that does not require you to special order items or journey to stores that specialize in hard-to-find ingredients. For this recipe you will need basics like flour, salt, milk, yeast, sugar, eggs, and butter. Keep in mind that there are plenty of different kinds of flour, salt, yeast, sugar, and butter so make sure to clearly review the ingredients list or the recipe to guarantee that you find the right kind. For example, for this recipe you will need to obtain non-salted butter to get the best results.

In addition to ingredients, you will need a couple pieces of kitchen ware to make the delicious rolls. Many people have the best results when you use a regular standing mixer, a microwave, and a standard oven. It makes sense that you would use the microwave to heat the milk and butter but you can also use your oven if a microwave is unavailable. The key part to making these tasty rolls is that the dough for the rolls must knead. This can be done by hand but is much easier to accomplish with low setting on your standing mixer. Once the dough is kneaded to your satisfaction, the dough will need to be set aside to rest for at least 45 minutes and let the yeast do its job.

When you move to the baking stage, several steps can guarantee a successful experience. Primarily, remember that the rolls need to be covered with plastic for at least 30 minutes prior to baking. Finally, once the dough is in the oven, the dough will rise as it bakes. Make sure to set the raw rolls far enough apart that the rolls won’t be stuck together.

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Buttery Dinner Rolls Recipe

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