How To Cook A Butterflied Chicken In 45 Minutes

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Chicken can be cooked using many different methods. If you are familiar with cooking a whole chicken, then you know it can take a few hours based on the result that is desired. Many people who may not have the time to cook a certain recipe will find there are other options available. One interesting option to consider is to prepare a butterflied chicken.

Butterflying is a specific way to cut chicken that needs to be cooked. The reason a whole chicken takes a long time to cook is due to the size and position in the oven. A butterflied chicken is laid flat on a pan and as a result will cook much faster than a whole chicken. The time that is required to cook butterflied chicken is only about 45 minutes.

Chicken that is purchased at a local grocery store or a supermarket can come fresh or frozen. The best option is to buy a whole chicken that is fresh and as it will be easier to cut. 

The recipe you use to prepare a butterflied chicken depends on your personal preference. You can use a variety of spices and other flavorings with any recipe you choose to use. However, the main thing to do is ensure the preparation is done correctly before you cook the chicken.

You will need to have the proper tools and supplies on hand to make butterflied chicken. A good-sized, very sharp knife is one of the most important tools as this will be used to butterfly the chicken. The preparation can be done as you wait for the oven to preheat to the proper temperature.

Instructions to prepare butterflied chicken at home are on here…

How To Cook A Butterflied Chicken In 45 Minutes

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