Busting The Canned Food Expiration Myth

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Many foods that go unused in a home or that are not purchased in a store often are thrown out due to having an ominous expiration or sell-by date. Throwing out food that is passed the expiration date is something many people do regularly. However, some foods can be perfectly fine to prepare after the expiration date is weeks to months old. This includes canned foods and most types of dried foods.

Manufacturers that prepare canned foods are required by law to put a sell-by date or expiration date on their products. Many consumers today have been taught to not use foods that are past their sell-by date because of health concerns. However, this is typically is not the case with canned foods. The main reason is food that has been canned is sterilized and air tight.

Food kept in airtight cans will not spoil. This means that the food will be perfectly fine to prepare for any meal. You may be surprised to find out how much money you have thrown away over the years as you get rid of expired canned foods in your cupboards. Knowing that you can prepare canned products means that you no longer need to throw money in the trash.

There are people who prepare for all sorts of disasters and natural emergencies. The best provisions for a bunker, for example, includes canned foods as they typically do not go bad. This is the reason these items often are the first taken from store shelves when severe weather occurs.

Canned goods typically come in tin cans. However, you may find individual servings in cardboard and some other types of containers. The best option is to stick with food packaged in tin cans. If you have any type of canned foods at home, then rest assured they are safe to prepare for a meal.

Information about canned foods and expiration dates is found on knowledgeweighsnothing.com here…

Busting The Canned Food Expiration Myth

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