Build A Wind Generator Out Of A Truck Alternator

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The ability to repurpose materials is a great way to be environmentally-friendly and frugal. However, a few things that you can repurpose can serve a functional purpose. One example is being able to convert a truck alternator into a wind generator. This is a great way to create energy that can help you save money. If you have an old truck alternator, then you have what is necessary to make a wind generator.

The main thing to realize about a wind generator is it needs to be placed high in the air. You can easily mount the unit on the roof of your home or garage. However, you will need to obtain the tools and the materials that will be needed. The best option is to use a new alternator, but a used one is fine. Used is a cheaper option when making a homemade wind generator.

A wind generator is similar to a wind turbine that stores electricity in a battery. This will mean you should make sure the storage battery you plan to use will be suitable for the project. Another important aspect is the use of electrical cables. The generator is being used outside and means you will need to have the wires protected from the elements.

You can use your wind generator to power various types of electrical devices. However, you will need to use a power inverter to convert the current in the battery to power most electrical devices. This is a task which needs to be performed once you have your generator complete.

The wind generator that you build needs to be mounted on a pole. This can be any type of material that will support the alternator. One option is to use metal tubing or any old outdoor television antenna. Your options depend on the materials available.

Instructions for using an alternator to make a wind generator are found at here…

Build A Wind Generator Out Of A Truck Alternator

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