How To Build A Vertical Herb Planter

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It’s getting more and more expensive to buy produce at the supermarket. It’s also tough to get quality, healthy produce. More often than not, the produce has been treated with dangerous, poisonous chemicals to kill bugs, and mass produced so that it’s not as nutritious as it could be. Who wants to spend exorbitant amounts of hard earned cash on something that isn’t comprised of the best, quality ingredients? Why spend all that extra money when you could make your own vertical herb planter to put all your favorite herbs, spices, and small plants in one safe location. It is so small it can be conveniently located by your door and tended to daily. Even better, this DIY Vertical Herb Planter is simple enough in design that it can be finished in just a few hours with minimal effort (aside from the effort of cutting lumber and assembling it together).

As micro gardens become more popular, this planter fits perfectly into micro garden design and will be a productive garden that takes up little to no space. There are a multitude of good reasons to grow your gardens this way: to maximize limited areas, to give a room an earthy feel, to make gardening easier and more accessible, reduce the impact of an urban environment, and give yourself delicious and valuable spices and herbs to make your life a little zestier.

To Maximize Limited Spaces:

This vertical herb planter holds about 12 to 18 herb plants – Imagine how much space traditional planting would take. Plus, it provides an attractive rustic, clean, and versatile look. Depending on the space you have available, this could be a lifesaver. All you’ll really need is a rectangular space that is about 5-6 feet tall and three inches wide. Add a few vertical cages (good for tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers) and you could have a garden that can easily fit beside your porch.

To Make Gardening Easier:

Putting all your herbs and vegetables on this vertical herb planter makes everything much easier to reach, fertilize, water, prune, and harvest. It puts everything within grabbing distance and will encourage you to bend over less, saving you from further back pain. Furthermore, putting all of the plants in one area increases the likelihood of nurturing and babying plants to get a wonderful quality.

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How To Build A Vertical Herb Planter

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