Build This Water-Saving Toilet Tank Sink

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Do you live in the city and have to pay for water that you drink and flush down the toilet? Maybe there is a concern about conserving water to address. There are lots of ways to save water used in the home, but something that might work well is to use a toilet tank sink.

The idea behind a toilet tank sink is you are using water that would go into the tank. This saves a lot of water because the grey water from washing your hands is used to flush the toilet. All you will need is a few supplies and the hardware that is necessary to build the sink.

One of the best things about a toilet tank sink is you do not need to have water fill the tank after anu flush of the toilet. The faucet will fill up the tank when the toilet needs to be flushed. This means the sink that is in your bathroom may not be used as much.

Instructions to build your own toilet tank sink are available on here…

Build This Water-Saving Toilet Tank Sink

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