How To Build A Sauna On A Budget

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Sitting in a sauna is a great way to relax after a long day of work or a hard gym workout. However, a sauna that is available at a local gym or health spa may not be an ideal choice. You also may not like to be around other people in a small and confined area. The best alternative is to build a sauna to have for your own use.

There are many options available to build a sauna for your home. You have the option to have the sauna be located in your house or outdoors. If an inside sauna is not an option, then outdoors will likely offer the only alternative. This means you need to consider various options to build a sauna that works.

You do not need to build a sauna as a separate building or structure. The best solution may be to use any old shed already on your property or buy one that is inexpensive. However, you need to use a shed that is made from wood. Any size shed will work as you can convert it to fit your needs. One crucial thing to know when you want to build a sauna is the effects of moisture.

You should have a liner on the interior that is covered with pine or cedar boards. The reason pine wood or cedar is needed is it will not rot when exposed to moisture. You will also need to have something for your sauna that will create steam. If you build a sauna using a shed, then a source of heat is needed.

The steam is created by using rocks or other material that will remain hot when adding water. You may want to build a sauna that includes a wood burning stove or another option for heat. Another detail you need to keep in mind is seating.

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How To Build A Sauna On A Budget

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