How To Build A Rolling Firewood Cart

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Moving firewood from one place to another can often be tedious when it needs to be carried. Firewood that is transported on a cart is a great option for an area with a flat surface. You can find regular carts online and even at a local home improvement stores. However, these are often expensive and may not last long when you have to move a lot of firewood. The best option is to build your own rolling firewood cart.

To address this need, we’ve found a great tutorial that will walk you through the process of creating a rolling firewood cart that can be used both inside and outside a home. You can keep the cart stored in a garage or even outdoors. While the size of a firewood cart can vary, the tutorial uses 18 inches wide by 48 inches long for their cart. This will be wide enough for most cut pieces of firewood.

You can find the lumber to use for this project at a lumber yard or home improvement store. You might also have scrap pieces of wood available. Building any rolling firewood cart will require the use of basic tools (including a power drill, clamps, caster wheels, and lumber). The two pairs of caster wheels are the crucial component in that it makes a useful firewood cart a rolling one that can make your life much easier.

One thing to keep in mind is the lumber for the project will need to be measured and cut. This means a tape measure and circular saw will be needed. However, you can usually have a lumber yard cut wood to a specific size if you provide the proper measurements. If you have a power drill, then this tool will be crucial for drilling holes for the screws used to attach all the pieces of lumber. You also need to decide on the material to use for the bottom of the cart.

There are a lot of steps to follow to create this wonderful project but the author of the tutorial provides clear directions and fantastic photographs to illustrate most of the construction points of the tutorial.

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How To Build A Rolling Firewood Cart

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