Build Your Own Large Rotisserie Pit BBQ

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Backyard barbecues are one of the best parts of summer. In fact, for some, summer doesn’t officially begin until they have attended their first cookout. The classic backyard barbecue is an enduring piece of Americana that cannot be replaced.

However, if you are looking for a way to expand your grilling skills, you may want to try building your own rotisserie pit. These are perfect for cooking larger meats like roasts or chicken.

In addition, when you use a rotisserie pit, you can be sure that your meat is cooked evenly. This is due to the motorized rotisserie which turns the meat over the heat source for you. In this way the surface won’t burn and the interior will be evenly cooked so that the meat remains succulent and flavorful. The only thing you will have to do is occasionally baste the meat or to check if the meat is done.

Other advantages of using a rotisserie pit include:

  • Easy: you can set it and forget it
  • Great for entertaining – you will not have to neglect your guests to make sure that your food is being cooked correctly
  • Slow cooking – the meat is cooked slowly so the texture is improved; this is especially true for those less expensive cuts of meat
  • Cheaper – because you can turn cheaper cuts into great tasting meals, it’s less expensive to cook for a crowd without sacrificing the taste

A rotisserie is the best option to cook whole birds and other large roasts on an open fire. However, buying your own can cost a pretty penny. Thankfully, building your own pit isn’t as hard as it seems. We’ve found an outstanding tutorial that will walk you through the process and benefits of building your own large rotisserie pit BBQ that will enhance gatherings and just about any occasion.

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Build Your Own Large Rotisserie Pit BBQ

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