How To Build A Cargo Bike

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People who like to work with metal or enjoy doing a lot of DIY projects at home often have many options to consider for things to do. Many may simply rework an existing item to make it more useful or simply want to make something that is awesome or can be used for a specific purpose. One thing that you may want to make that is completely functional is a DIY cargo bike.

Making a DIY cargo bike involves more than simply attaching a trailer or basket to an existing bike. If you want to make something that can carry heavy weights then a suitable frame is needed. A bike that is built for use off-road is the best place to start. You will use the existing frame and then add pieces to make the frame for your cargo bike.

The parts that you will need for this project can be found in many places. You need metal tubing that is available at most scrap yards and also home improvement stores. If you cannot find metal tubes around your local area, then you might need to look online. The tubing needs to be cut using a cutting tool. You may need to have a friend or family member cut the tubing for your cargo bike. Assembling your cargo bike can be done in a garage, basement, or anywhere you have space available in your home. Attaching the parts can be done using bolts, but welding may be a better choice.

The way you use your cargo bike depends on your specific needs. You have the option to add a small box for carrying various types of cargo or removing the box to use the cargo area as a flatbed. One thing with this bike you should know is the leg work that will be needed to pedal a heavy load.

Instructions to build your own cargo bike are found on here…

How To Build A Cargo Bike

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