Build A DIY Solar Furnace For $50

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Are you interested in a way to help heat your home without spending a lot of money? One way that you can do this is to build a DIY solar furnace. This is a device that you need mount near a window to have warm air transfer into your home.

A basic supplies are all you need to build your own DIY solar furnace. You will also need to construct some type of framing from wood or other material. Dryer tubing will also be needed, as this is what will help transfer the air that is being heated by the sun.

Your DIY solar furnace is kind of like a simple heat exchanger. As cold air moves through the heater it will be heated by the furnace before it comes into the home. If you want to see the result it can achieve once it is working, then take a reading with a digital thermometer.

Build A DIY Solar Furnace For $50

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