Build A 5 x 5 Greenhouse For Under $25

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A greenhouse offers you a way to grow various types of plants throughout the year. This is a great idea for anyone who wants to start from seedlings or even grow various types of herbs. You can easily and affordably build a small greenhouse that you will be able to use at your home. In fact, a useful 5 x 5 design can be made for about $25.

One thing to keep in mind is the area where you want to have this structure. The best place is any areas that get a significant amount of sunlight throughout the day. If you have a greenhouse in an area with shade, then nothing is likely to grow.

While a simple greenhouse can be made using a variety of materials, one of the best options is to make the frame out of PVC pipe. This will provide you with a lightweight structure that is still very sturdy and resilient. Plus, you will be able to find PVC pipes at a local home improvement store. Just remember to get the right size or a hacksaw might be needed to cut long pieces to the proper size.

When it comes to the width of the PVC pipe, ½ an inch is best. This will be sturdy enough to hold the plastic that will be used for the outer covering. Attaching the PVC pipe together to form your greenhouse will require the use of a primer and PVC cement. These can also be found at a home improvement store.

Growing plants and any other types of greens in a greenhouse will require the use of various containers. An ideal solution is to use plastic buckets. Another option is small pots that can be filled with soil. The soil you use is also an important component for this project.

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Build A 5 x 5 Greenhouse For Under $25

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