Blueberry Ginger Jam Recipe

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Are you buying fresh fruit at the grocery store or growing your own and have a lot left over? Preserving fruit like blueberries by freezing is one option, but making jam may be a better solution. You can make your own blueberry ginger jam at home.

If you have ever canned fruit or any other type of food, then you can easily prepare a blueberry ginger jam to have with toast or a bagel. A few ingredients are all you need for this project. Making jam means the jars you are using really need to be sterilized by boiling in water.

The one part of making blueberry ginger jam that may be therapeutic is mashing the blueberries. You should do this in a large stock pot based on the amount of blueberries that are used. Expect to be in the kitchen about an hour or so unless you really want to stock up on jam.

Instructions to make your own blueberry ginger jam are on here…

Blueberry Ginger Jam Recipe

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