Bird Flu Busters: 5 Strategies For A Healthier Flock

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Are you raising chickens on your property of keep a few around for a supply of eggs? One thing that is a major concern for people raising chickens is the bird flu. Avian influenza is another name for bird flu and there have been major outbreaks. However, there are a few bird flu busters that can be used.

If you find that some of your birds are not producing a lot of eggs or recently hatched chicks have died unexpectedly, then bird flu busters may be needed. One thing you will need to do is start over with new birds so they will remain healthy.

The best bird flu busters are all-natural and help to ward off disease. You need to feed your chickens an assortment of foods that have antibacterial and antiviral properties. Cleanliness is also important and is the reason you will need to clean your chicken coop regularly.

A list of bird flu busters to keep your chickens healthy is available on here…

Bird Flu Busters: 5 Strategies For A Healthier Flock

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