Benefits Of Goat Milk & A Goat Milk Cheese Recipe

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Photo By: DIY Natural

Having grown up with cow milk, it wasn’t until later in life that we discovered the joy of goat milk and cheese. We’re hooked. While we still drink milk from cows and a variety of nut milks, we like to keep goat milk in the mix for variety.

What we didn’t know, and were happy to learn from DIY Natural, are some of the benefits of goat milk when compared to cow milk. For example, we learned that goat milk has more protein, vitamin A, and potassium than cow milk. Also, it even contains some vitamin C. Who knew?! ┬áLearn more about the benefits of goats milk and how to make a wonderful cheese at the link below.

Benefits Of Goat Milk & A Goat Milk Cheese Recipe

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