Basic Emergency Water Storage Containers

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Emergency Water Storage Containers

After an emergency, drinking water may not be available or safe to drink. As a result, people will need a source of safe drinking water or know how to treat their water for use in certain activities, such as drinking, making ice, washing hands, and brushing teeth.

Click here for the CDC’s Guides for Preparation and Storage of Safe Water

Here is a list of the basic water storage materials required for your survival needs!

1.  55 gallon polymer drums for water storage:

2.  Barrel sanitizer here if not using fine silver pieces, colloidal silver or the like:

3.  Colloidal silver for water purification and storage life:


4.  A perfect water pump for using the stored water from your 30 or 55 gallon drums can be found here:

5.  A smaller stackable water storage can be found here:


6.  Ultra large storage tanks can be found here:


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