Bacon Onion Rings Recipe

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Photo by: David Hughes

Do you enjoy using your outdoor grill whenever you get the chance? You can cook a lot of food on this piece of equipment. If you have some bacon and fresh onions, then a great way to use your grill will be to make some tasty bacon onion rings.

Bacon onion rings are cooked and not fried and means you have an excuse to use your grill. Making an assortment of rings is not difficult if you prepare ahead of time. You will need to have fresh onions and a package of bacon for this task. A smoker can also be used if you do not want to use your grill.

You can use any type of bacon to make bacon onion rings. If you do not want to use regular bacon, then you can substitute turkey bacon. Just make sure to make more than you think you need as they may not last long.

Bacon Onion Rings Recipe


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