100+ Holiday Gift Ideas (Part 3)

Click here for Holiday Gift Ideas, Part 1 Click here for Holiday Gift Ideas, Part 2 Well, you've made it to part 3 of this year's gift series. The following list contains holiday gift ideas for the whole family, including the (big) kids in your family as well as your pets! As many items as are … [Read more...]

100+ Holiday Gift Ideas (Part 2)

Click here for Holiday Gift Ideas, Part 1 Click here for Holiday Gift Ideas, Part 3 Everyone needs some idea "prodding" around this time of the year. If you don't think one of the amazing items in these lists is the exact right one for your friend or relative, they should at least trigger some … [Read more...]

100+ Holiday Gift Ideas (Part 1)

Click here for Holiday Gift Ideas, Part 2 Click here for Holiday Gift Ideas, Part 3 Well, it's that time of the year again and here you are, looking for gift ideas. We all love DIY gifts, but sometimes there just isn't time to DIY all of them. Also, every homesteader is different from every other … [Read more...]

DIY Eco-Friendly Redwood Pergolas

By Charlie Jourdain, California Redwood Association Of the many landscaping trends that come and go, one of the more enduring structures has to be the pergola. With its open sides and slatted roofs that offer shade without blocking the sun, redwood pergolas serve as gateways to formal gardens, … [Read more...]

Can Soap Expire?

Can soap expire, causing discomfort? Four out of five households are unaware that soap can expire. How does this affect you and your family? One out of three healthy individuals carry a skin bacteria know as Staphylococcus Aureus. This bacteria gets passed from the person's skin onto the soap, … [Read more...]

FireKable Paracord Survival Bracelet

Have you heard of a nifty little tool called the FireKable? Check it out here. You've probably seen paracord bracelets before, but not one that's like the FireKable paracord survival bracelet. This is a triple impact EDC tool...and right now it's yours absolutely free! This clever and … [Read more...]

EDT Mini Multi-Survival Tool

How would you like to become a beta tester for a pretty nifty new survival tool coming out? The folks over at Survival Life are looking for a few folks to test out one of their coolest new pieces of gear, before it hits the market... ABSOLUTELY FREE! Click here to check it out now They're … [Read more...]

Natural Colored Deviled Eggs Recipe

Hunting for eggs is a fun activity that many families do on Easter. This typically involves taking time to hard boil eggs and dyeing them in various colors. These eggs are then often used to make deviled eggs. If you want to surprise family and friends, then natural colored deviled eggs are a great … [Read more...]

GiraDora | Pedal-Powered Washer Needs No Electricity And Costs Only $40

Have you been searching for a pedal-powered washer? Alex Cabunoc and Ji A designed the GiraDora, an non-eclectic, combination washer and spin-dryer that is powered by a foot pedal. Originally intended for those in developing countries who lack the funds for expensive washing machines, now the … [Read more...]

22 Genius Ways To Use Stock Tanks & Galvanized Tubs

You can find stock tanks and galvanized tubs at local feed stores, at farm sales, on Craigslist, and even on Amazon for a decent price. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. *Special note: One of the perks of an Amazon Prime membership is that all items indicated as "Prime" - which is many! - … [Read more...]