Aquaponics System On A Budget And Smaller Scale

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Aquaponics systems are a valuable way to blend aquatic life with plant structure and support. In this tutorial, you will learn how to keep freshwater aquatic life (e.g., freshwater fish, snails, crayfish, tilapia, and catfish) and use the water in which you house the aquatic life to nourish the plant roots of choice garden vegetables (e.g., lettuce, basil, tomatoes, okra, bell peppers, etc.). The concept and structure of the aquaponic system is relatAnively simple. You will need two containers, one for fish on the bottom (the aquacultrue) and one for the plants that sit above the fish container (hydroponics). With this combination in place, a small pump will push up the fish effluent (waste) into the plant container which breaks down that material with nitrogen-fixing bacteria. The remaining material is then turned into nitrates and nitrites that are absorbed through the plant roots. The cycle then repeats and you can support a strong stock of fish and plants for harvesting.

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Aquaponics System On A Budget And Smaller Scale

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