Anti-Aging Turmeric Tea Recipe

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Turmeric is one spice to add to your diet if you have not already done so because it’s such a powerful anti-inflammatory and it’s loaded with antioxidants useful for minimizing the signs and symptoms of aging.  It has numerous benefits:

Loaded with antioxidants
Helps clean up metabolic waste
Natural liver detoxifier
Powerful anti-inflammatory
Can be used to treat menstrual pain
Studies have linked the frequent use of turmeric to lower rates of certain cancers
Great for those with acne and other inflammatory skin conditions
Protects your skin from free radical damage

You can take turmeric power in supplement form or enjoy it as a tea. Drink as a tea before or after meals or as an in-between-meal beverage. Sweeten as you like with Stevia, lemon, and honey.

Click Here For Anti-Aging Turmeric Tea Recipe

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