Amazing Uses Of Magic Erasers

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Who doesn’t love magic? Especially the kind of magic that cleans your house, your clothes, your furniture, and a zillion other things. Okay, perhaps a zillion is an overstatement, but seriously, these magic erasers are powerful and do seem magical for all that they accomplish.

What gives these magic erasers their “magical” ability is the open microstructure of melamine foam that literally pulls all the dirt that has been loosened into theĀ open spaces and traps it there. It really is like magic. And you really ought to experience this for yourself.

Over at One Good Thing By Jillee, she provides a laundry list of ways your can use the magic eraser to clean and repair items in your home. Additionally, she explains the chemical composition of the magic eraser and assures its safety.

Here’s a sample of the magic of this incredible eraser.

  • Stains on clothing
  • Tile grout
  • Cleans stovetops.
  • Coffee stains, koolaid stains, etc. on counter tops
  • Micro fiber couches
  • And the list goes on an on…

Read on at the link below for all the magical ways you can use the magic eraser to make your life better. Let us know of any new ways this eraser performs magic for you!

Click Here For Amazing Uses Of Magic Erasers

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