All American Apple Pie Filling

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What is the best way to use fresh apples that you harvest from your apple trees? Pie filling may come to mind if you like to bake in your kitchen. However, canning your apple pie filling will allow you to use it if you want to bake a pie during the winter.

The apples that you use to make homemade apple pie filling need to be cut into thin slices. You need to put the slices in glass jars so they need to be small. An apple corer can be used to cut your apples or the apples can be cut by hand. The pampered chef has something that may be perfect.

Cinnamon is the key ingredient for a homemade apple pie filling. Two teaspoons are sufficient, but you may want to add some more for a tastier flavor. The water canning method is used once you have filled your cans with the filling.

Instructions to make your own homemade apple pie filling are on here…

All American Apple Pie Filling

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