A Dozen Heirloom Vegetables To Dazzle Your Garden

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Common seeds that people use for growing plants in a garden are typically hybrid varieties that have been modified in some way. Many common fruit varieties are a modified version of one or more varieties that are often no longer grown commercially. Seeds that have been freely pollinated in open gardens are referred to as heirloom seeds. If you want to have a unique looking garden that produces delicious veggies, then consider growing heirloom vegetables.

The pollination techniques that were used for certain seeds will dictate if the plants you want to grow in your garden are a heirloom variety. You will not grow heirloom vegetables by using any type of seeds that are genetically modified. You may need to look in many places to find the seeds that will need to be used for growing various types of heirloom vegetables.

If you are interested in growing your own heirloom vegetables, then there are a few things you will need to know. The seeds you need to plant at home need to be openly pollinated. This means the seeds are not modified genetically or modified in any other way than pollinating with neighboring plants as in nature. 

Growing heirloom vegetables is a great option for anyone who might not want to grow vegetables by using genetically modified seeds that are the usually commercially available seeds. A local health store or the internet is a good place to start to find the best types of seeds for the vegetables you want to grow.

You may be surprised to know the many varieties of heirloom vegetables that are available. Many have a unique flavor or a color that is not common compared to commercially available vegetables. Heirloom seeds grown in a home garden or in containers on a patio or deck can produce very unusual vegetables.

A list of heirloom vegetables you can grow at home is found on attainable-sustainable.net here…

A Dozen Heirloom Vegetables To Dazzle Your Garden

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