80 Practical & Survival Uses For Parcord & How To Make Custom Paracord Bracelets

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Photo By: diyready.com

Paracord was originally used in the suspension cords of US parachutes during World War II. It’s no wonder our crafty servicemen and women came up with dozens of uses for the stuff. The sheath of it is braided from 32 strands and the core is made up of seven two-ply yarns. From sewing with the inside strands to fashioning a perimeter trip wire, you’ll be amazed at the various uses. Check out these top uses for paracord from survivallife.com here…

80 Practical & Survival Uses For ParcordĀ 

A super convenient way to carry paracord is to make your own paracord bracelet. Diyread.com provides excellent step by step instructions and showcases variety of patterns, colors and styles…

Instructions To Make Paracord Bracelets


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