8 Ways To Use Chickens In Your Garden

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Photo by: theprairiehomestead.com

People who are homesteading often have animals that are used as a source of food. If you want to have a steady source of eggs and meat, then you need chickens. Chickens can also be used on your property in ways that will benefit your garden and your entire property. You will have many options to consider if you want to have chickens in your garden.

The number of chickens you will want in your garden will be based on the results you want to achieve. If your chickens are in a coop, then you can collect the poop to use as fertilizer or as an additive to any compost pile. 

Chickens that are free range are a great way to have an organic homestead. The actions of the chickens in your garden will easily till up loose soil and help to aerate grasses. Chickens can perform many tasks from helping turn a compost pile to controlling garden pests like grubs and undesirable insects. 

A fence may need to be built based on the size of your property, but the reason free range chickens in your garden are beneficial is the way they go about their day. A free range group of chickens can spread mulch and sanitize an orchard by removing most of the bugs or most any unwanted group of insects.

A list of ways chickens in your garden are beneficial is found on theprairiehomestead.com here…

8 Ways To Use Chickens In Your Garden

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