$8 Homemade Air Conditioner Tutorial

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Photo by: HouseholdHacker

Does the sweltering heat of summer seem exciting, yet awful at the same time? If you do not have any type of air conditioning in your home, then a simple solution is available. A few supplies are all you will need to make your own $8 homemade air conditioner.

The key to an $8 homemade air conditioner is using ice. This means you need a way to ensure your ice does not melt too quickly. A cheap insulated cooler will be perfect for this project, but any old cooler is perfectly OK to use. You will need to use some power tools too.

A fan will be needed to blow cold air from your $8 homemade air conditioner. You can make your own air conditioning unit to use inside or outside on a hot summer day. The only thing you need is a lot of ice to keep the inside of the cooler cold.

$8 Homemade Air Conditioner Tutorial


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