7 Ways To Use Diatomaceous Earth On The Homestead

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People who own their own home have many benefits over those who live in an apartment. One main benefit is being able to use diatomaceous earth. This substance is a white powder that appears similar to flour, but is actually fossilized phytoplankton. You can use diatomaceous earth at home in a variety of ways.

Common ways to use diatomaceous earth include a homemade cleaner, natural pesticide, deodorizer, and even a health supplement. If you are concerned about fleas on your pets, then this product can be applied as a flea bath. Apply the powder directly to the skin, but make sure to avoid their face. Make sure you wash any bedding and clothing after you use diatomaceous earth for treating fleas. The process needs to be done for at least a month as diatomaceous earth only affects adult fleas. If you find pests in your garden, then you may want to use this product as a natural repellant.

Another beneficial use of diatomaceous earth is to add it as a supplement to pet food. The amount you need will depend on the type of animals in your home. This product can also be added to your chicken feed as it is a natural way to remove internal worms.

Many people spend a lot of money on cleaning products for their home. You may be surprised to discover one of the best ways to use diatomaceous earth is in cleaning metal. This includes fixtures on sinks in bathrooms and kitchens. If you want to clean counters and other surfaces, then a simple sanitizer can be made easily from diatomaceous earth.

The way you use diatomaceous earth at your home depends on your needs. However, you need to find places where you can purchase diatomaceous earth. While the internet may be the best and most convenient option, diatomaceous earth is sometimes available at various health stores.

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7 Ways To Use Diatomaceous Earth On The Homestead

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