7 Perennial Vegetables To Plant In Your Garden

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Do you know that there are various vegetables you can plant in a garden that will grow back each year without having to replant? You have the option to plant fruit trees or berry bushes, but one thing that is beneficial is to find perennial vegetables to plant this year.

1. Walking Onions


Photo by: flickr.com

The weight of the bulb and how it grows gives this vegetable its name. This variety of onion can easily spread in a garden and can be planted anytime of the year. They will grow in the sun and in the shade.

2. Globe Artichokes


Staring these plants from seeds is a great way to get them established in your garden. They grow in the spring and in the fall. Make sure they are in partial shade or they will suffer in too much heat. This is a great option when deciding which perennial vegetables to plant this year.

3. Asparagus


This is a vegetable that you can plant and then forget about. The reason is because it does not need any maintenance and will grow back whether you harvest it all or not.

4. Garlic


This is not a vegetable that is typically thought of as a perennial. All you need to do is allow one or two plants to come to seed to have it come back the next growing season.

5. Horseradish


This plant is commonly used as a condiment for a lot of foods. A lot of this plant is edible and means it is one of the best perennial vegetables to have as a food source.

6. Rhubarb 


The rhubarb plant is perfect for making desserts like rhubarb pie and comes back year after year once you plant some in your garden.

7. Kale 


This is a leafy green and is perennial that can be used as a substitute for lettuce in a salad.

8. Wild Leeks 


These are a relative of the onion that you can plant to have regrow every year.

9. Groundnut


This plant produces tubers that have the flavor of a nutty potato.

10. Good King Henry


This perennial is a relative of the spinach that you can harvest each year in the spring.

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