6 Ways To Make A Natural Rooting Hormone

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Photo by: preparednessmama.com

Do you have cuttings that you like to regrow to plant in your garden or in a few containers? This is a great way to grow a new batch of plants without having to plant seeds. Your cuttings will successfully grow if the proper steps are taken and you use a natural rooting hormone.

A lot of products that you can buy as a rooting hormone have a lot of chemicals. If you prefer that your rooting hormone not contain any chemicals, then a natural rooting hormone is the best option. You will find that this will increase the survival percentage of your cutting significantly.

There are a lot of ideas that you can use for a natural rooting hormone. The option you choose to use is likely to be based on the results you are able to achieve, This means you may want to try out more than one to see what works the best.

A list of ideas for a natural rooting hormone is available on preparednessmama.com here…

6 Ways To Make A Natural Rooting Hormone

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