6 Things You Can Make With A Cake Pop Maker Besides Cake

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You may be familiar with the bite sized cakes that are available at Starbucks. These are a type of pop cake that you can easily make at home. Pop cakes are made by using a pop cake maker that you can find online or at any retail store that sells kitchen accessories. However, you may not know this machine is extremely versatile and can be used to prepare other types of snacks.

A pop cake maker is an appliance that is similar to a waffle iron and is meant to make small cakes for a dessert or a snack. Many people may have many small appliances in their kitchen that are used to make a specific item. If you think about all the uses for a pop cake maker, then you may want to reduce some of the extra appliances in your kitchen.

The items you can make in a basic pop cake maker are almost limitless. You should realize that this is an appliance that is like a miniature oven. This means you can use it to prepare almost anything that will be placed in a traditional oven. The main thing to realize is the items you prepare are a miniature version. A good example is making bite sized muffins.

You will need to modify the recipe used for a traditional dish when using a pop cake maker. The use of this machine will require a dough as it is meant to bake cake batter. This means you can make anything that is dough based or cake based.

One option is to make pizza bites or pancake bites by using your pop cake maker. The choice of food is up to your preference or need at any given time. All you need is the proper ingredients that might already be in your kitchen.

A list of recipes to use with a standard pop cake maker is found on onegoodthingbyjillee.com here…

6 Things You Can Make With A Cake Pop Maker Besides Cake


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