6 Instant Meals On The Go: Just Add Boiling Water

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Photo by: theyummylife.com

Are you a busy person on the go who does not have time to cook a hot meal every day? If you do not want to stop for fast food or rely on something cold, then many options are available. One option is to prepare a few instant meals that just need some boiling water.

The key to making instant meals is using dry ingredients. No wet ingredients are needed other than hot or boiling water at the time you actually want to eat your meal. This means you can make a lot of meals based on the ingredients for the recipe that is preferred. Simply make a list of what you need.

You can take instant meals to work or to have as a tasty meal when camping. All you need to do is find a way to heat some water and you will have a meal that is hot and ready to eat. These meals will be the best alternative to preparing store bought flavored noodles.

A list of instant meals you can make at home is on theyummylife.com here…

6 Instant Meals On The Go: Just Add Boiling Water

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