55 Gallon Drum Transformed Into A Cooktop Wood Stove

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Photo by: diycozyhome.com

Many people may not realize that everyday products can be used in ways they are not intended. Art is a common use of various everyday items, but some may have a functional purpose. One thing that can be turned into something useful is a typical 55-gallon drum. This is something that is useful for any cooking and for simple storage. One idea is to use a 55-gallon drum to make your own cooktop wood stove.

A cooktop that burns wood is similar to creating a smoker, but the heat is transferred to the plate for the cooktop. This is an advanced project that may not be suitable for everyone. There are steps that will be important for the device to function properly. The most important is the firebox as this is the area used to burn the wood to create the heat for your cooktop wood stove.

There are many parts and pieces that are necessary to build a cooktop wood stove. One main thing that will be needed is a door for the firebox. This is something that you can typically find in a local junk yard or at a local scrap yard as they are common on a lot of boilers. Welding will also be necessary to complete a unique cooktop wood stove. This is not a skill that a lot of people have and means you might need to find someone to perform this aspect of the project.

Proper safety is necessary to successfully complete this project. If you want to do any welding to make your own cooktop wood stove, then practice is essential. The best thing for you do to is practice on any pieces of scrap metal before beginning the project. You may use a cooktop wood stove almost anywhere you can find a place that is permanent.

A video for this project can be found on diycozyhome.com here…

55 Gallon Cooktop Wood Stove

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