50+ Creative Household Uses For Coconut Oil

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One of the most common products that is used as a basic ingredient in many recipes to make a variety of homemade lotions and creams is coconut oil. If you are someone who wants to get rid of all the chemical-based products in your home, then this oil provides many benefit. You can blend this oil with other ingredients for a topical product or use it for cooking.

The most important thing to know about coconut oil is that many types are available. You really need to use an organic product for optimum health. The use of processed oil will not offer a suitable result, but it will be better than having nothing at all. 

You may be surprised to learn of the various uses for coconut oil in your kitchen. This includes using a small amount to grease a cast iron pan or to use when making some popcorn. The options you have to use the oil in your kitchen will depend on your personal preference.

Coconut oil is also a great product to have in your bathroom. You can apply it directly onto your skin as a moisturizer or as a simple lip balm. Another option is to mix the oil with other ingredients that are used for a herbal bath. The reason this oil is beneficial is it has antibacterial properties and is a great product to use as an anti-inflammatory to treat a rash or dry skin.

Research all the uses for coconut oil around your home to see all the benefits. You will find that the use of this product is a great option to save money on a lot of household products.

A list of interesting uses for coconut oil is found on thegardeningcook.com here…

50+ Creative Household Uses For Coconut Oil

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