5 Steps To Storing Potatoes For Winter

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Photo by: growagoodlife.com

Here’s the really cool thing about potatoes…you can store them for a really, really long time and they’ll still be fresh when you’re ready to use them. The trick is to store them properly for the winter months. Storing potatoes can be done effectively just by following a few tips. So, if you are looking out at your garden and you think you have more potatoes than you know what to do with…no worries! Put some aside for the family to have and get busy storing the others by following these effective and timely steps. Then, after the thaw and when Spring has sprung, you can break out your fresh potato bounty and cook all your favorite potato based recipes.

See the tips for storing potatoes at growagoodlife.com here…

5 Steps To Storing Potatoes For Winter

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