5 Reasons To Get Goats

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Photo by: flipflopbarnyard.com

You probably never thought about getting goats. We never did until we bought a seven-acre ranch in Southern California that has so much room that we could start thinking about livestock and especially some good reasons to get goats. Then, everyday on the way to the antique store that we owned in town, we drove past a farm that had adorable brown and white goats. They looked so cute, but not half as cute as their little babies that were born that next spring. That was it. We were hooked by their adorable little faces and knew that we had so many great reasons to get goats.

So, we got eight of them. Why eight? Well, we went to the goat farm and picked out a couple of babies. Then we thought about how lonely they would be without parents so we got them, too. Then, we would see a couple more and then a few more after that and we just couldn’t resist.

We took those cuties home to the ranch and set them loose in one of the pipe corrals. Fortunately we had put in some cross-fencing the previous month to keep them in. We picked the corrals that had the longest grass that needed trimming. In no time at all, the grass was trimmed and the goats were looking for their next project. Guess that was another one of those reasons to get goats—they’re self-contained lawnmowers!

The only problem we can see with owning goats is that you end up using up so much time playing with them and watching their cute antics. They are so entertaining! Although we’ve preparing to start using some of the other benefits (milk, other dairy products, and soap), we’re definitely found the most pleasure in just watching their antics and enjoying their company. They are smart, loving, useful, and an important part of our ranch and our lives.

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5 Reasons To Get Goats

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