5 Non-Toxic Weed Control Methods

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Photo by: commonsensehome.com

Do you have a problem with weeds at home, but are not a fan of using harmful chemicals? Chemical weed killer is effective, but can often kill more than intrusive weeds. Many non-toxic weed control methods can be used depending on what you prefer.

One of the best non-toxic weed control methods doesn’t involve using a specific treatment. A mulch is able to smother weeds and prevent them from growing. You can use mulch purchased at the store or use hay or straw. This is also a great option to cover freshly planted grass.

There are also other non-toxic weed control methods that are effective. A simple method you can use to kill weeds that is free is to use boiling water. Depending on the size of the weeds, you will require more than one application. Just make sure to be careful when pouring hot water so you do not burn yourself.

A list of non-toxic weed control methods is available on commonsensehome.com here…

5 Non-Toxic Weed Control Methods

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